25 Weeks Pregnant

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By now you should have completed testing for gestational diabetes test as instructed by your doctor. But this is not the case for all pregnant women and your doctor will consider several factors before asking you to go for a test. You have to pay regular visits to the clinic for monitoring the growth and health of your child. Weight gain and blood testing will become a routine for you. Weight gain will be steady for many women adding at least half a pound every week.

Symptoms :

New symptoms begin to develop at this stage of pregnancy of 25th week. Some women may experience dizziness and fatigue apart from shortness of breath. This is all quite normal due to increased blood flow and weight. It is essential for you to eat well and drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated. Do not lie flat while sleeping instead turn to the sideways which will reduce shortness of breath. You will learn to adapt to the new situations and accordingly make changes from your habits.

You may also feel full or bloated after every meal. Your stomach will not have enough capacity to accommodate food as before. Hence you have to break up the meals into smaller fragments so that you are taking right calories each day. Rashes and itching are common in your belly due to expanding stomach size. You can apply coconut oil to keep your skin rejuvenated and prevent dryness. For many women hair growth will be amazing during this stage. You can enjoy this for few months only and your hair size will get back to normal after child birth.

Constipation is the biggest problem for many women who are in the midterm of their pregnancy. You can manage it by taking plenty of fiber rich foods daily. Practice exercise regularly to help reducing constipation and for facilitating easy bowel movements. By going for walk for few minutes after lunch you can get rid of circulating gases in your stomach.

25 Weeks Pregnant

Development of your Baby :

At this stage of 25th week of pregnancy your baby would weigh more than 1 pound and will be 12-14 inches long. This is the right time for him/her to build up fatty tissues in his body. His body continues to grow and expand in multiple ways. His internal organs will start functioning in full swing.

He learns new movements like rubbing his face with his hands or rubbing his legs or arms. He would be sleeping cozily in the warm atmosphere of your uterus swallowing amniotic fluid inside. Slowly pigmentation begins to develop and the color of the hair becomes visible for some babies at this stage.

Tips for the week :

You can spend more time with your family than office to enjoy and discuss about future plans for your baby. Have enough savings for the new member of your family. Enjoy the precious moments of light kicking from your baby and get ready to complete the second trimester.

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