20 Weeks Pregnant

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You have crossed the midpoint of pregnancy and you should be patient for just another few months. Most of the pregnancy symptoms are not seen now but you are used to heartburn and constipation at this stage. Changes continue to happen in you and your baby converting him into a fully developed fetus. By now you know which position of sitting or lying down is comfortable for your baby and stick on to it. Taking folic acid tablets is very much essential for the growth of your baby. You may experience increased blood pressure due to extra blood flow during the 20th week of pregnancy.

Symptoms :

Some women will have trouble in breathing at this stage due to continuous pressure exerted by the uterus. Now your uterus is pressing other vital organs making it difficult for you to breathe normally. This is not the case for all pregnant women but more often seen in small framed women with bulging belly.

Now you would have gained 10-15 pounds and more weight gain is expected in another weeks to come. The waistline will continue to grow making your belly more and bigger. It can cause indigestion and constipation for many women at this stage. You may also feel the need for urinating often.

Baby’s Development :

It is time for you to enjoy the small movements of your baby frequently. You may become familiar when he is awake and sleeping. Your baby continues to grow and expand in size and weight in the forthcoming weeks. He would hit the boundaries of the uterus with his legs and head.

His heart is beating and is pumping blood. His lungs are developed by now but not fully developed. His system would secrete a green gel like substance called meconium which is nothing but amniotic fluid that he has swallowed. Fine hairy growth is seen on his entire body including his scalp. By the end of 20th week of pregnancy your baby remains active for 4 hours a day and sleeps most of the time.

20 Weeks Pregnant

Tips for the Week :

Include plenty of iron rich foods in your diet. Consult your doctor to identify the list of vegetables and fruits that are rich in iron. Iron is vital for building strong body of your baby and also for you to manage the blood loss during labor. Deficiency of iron can cause anemia and other complications during pregnancy. Hence do not ignore your doctor’s advice and watch what you eat.

You can discuss with your doctor about the birthing plan in the coming weeks. Ask her about the procedure and costs involved so that you can prepare from now on. Eat and sleep well and stay in quiet environment. Spend time in practicing yoga and meditation that will help your baby to remain calm and strong.

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