19 Weeks Pregnant

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You are exactly in the middle of the pregnancy term and this is significant stage for you and your baby. At this stage your belly is showing and developing at large indicating the growth of your baby. Many changes and expansion are happening within your body unknowingly. Your internal organs are giving room for the bulging uterus and your blood pressure will be increasing. You can get diabetes at this stage of pregnancy and hence watch your blood sugar levels. You are feeling more and more comfortable with your pregnancy symptoms and waiting for the big day to come.

Symptoms :

There are many changes in the external features of your body. Your face would look “glowing” or sometimes it can develop acne or rashes in some places of your body. You may feel like using restroom often and for some women there can be urinary incontinence. You may feel thirstier than before since your body becomes sensitive to heat. It is essential that you to drink plenty of fluids. But that does not mean you can add more cups of coffee or tea. Try to avoid coffee/tea since it contains caffeine which is said to increase blood pressure.

Many women would get high blood pressure or hypertension (induced) at the stage of 19th week of pregnancy. Avoid having lot of sugary beverages and sodas since it can increase the dehydration further. Drink plenty of water and eat lot of vegetables and fruits. This can also help you with the skin problems like rashes and itching to some extent. You can keep your skin well lubricated by using moisturizing lotion.

You may have heartburn and indigestion issues more at this stage. The only way to manage it is to identify the set of foods that do not produce gas/acidity in your stomach and avoid them completely. Remember whatever you consume will affect your baby also. Again many women will have constipation problem that can be prevented by including high fiber diet.

Baby’s Development :

At the end of 19th week of pregnancy (almost in the middle of the term) your baby has grown up to 7 inches long and would weigh 7-8 ounces now. His head is no more looking larger since his arms and legs have gained suitable size and proportion in his body. His scalp will be covered with hair and the entire skin is also coated with fine hair and vernix (a creamy layer of protection) to prevent the baby from temperature changes.

19 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby can fully hear to the sounds and hence avoid exposing him to loud noises like movies and beat songs. His bones continue to become hard and side by side his muscles will grow in fast pace. He remains active for 3-4 hours a day and sleeps most of the time. It is natural for him to stay awake when his mom sleeps or relaxes. Avoid indulging in emotional conversations making loud noise since it can startle your baby.

Tips for the Week :

Make sure that you are eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water. Stay in a calm atmosphere as far as possible. Practice regular exercises as before. And if possible listen to soft music like instrumental to keep your baby calm. Since your baby has fully developed hearing sensation your partner can communicate with him. He can listen to his voice and be familiar at this stage.

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